Setting off for my latest crazy adventure. An overnight train ride to Melbourne, watch a concert, then another overnighter back.

Glad I’m not flying. Too many storms!

Back from Osaka

The holiday is done. All back home now, including doggy. Quite a bumpy flight until we were off the coast of Australia. Saw meteors, other aircraft, a green laser over PNG and watched “The Abyss”. Lots of rain clouds over Sydney, though the threatened bumps didn’t really eventuate.

Need a shower, sleep and food now.

North Ryde Station

North Ryde station is closing for at least seven months at the end of September for conversion into a metro station. Today was probably my last ride on it until then. I can’t believe how many hours, days, months and years I spent riding to there and back in the course of my work.

Smoky mountain sunset

Here in the pretty Victorian mountain town of Corryong we still haven’t escaped from the smoke which blighted our home over the past week.