Gunna Gundagai

We’re taking an end of school summer holidays drive down to Melbourne to watch a day of the Australian Open. The plan was to leave Sydney when B finished work at 3.30 pm. Of course that didn’t happen and we were an hour late.

“I told a colleague that if he created the SSL certificate then it would take me no time to put the website up.

So of course the tool I use failed me today. And took the server out with it.

Got the server back, fielded support calls, manually created website and wrote up some documentation, bought plant for fish tank and treats for drive, setup fish tanks for vacation, stuffed clothes and toiletries in and…

It was 4.30 pm.

I’m out of practice. I turn left into the M7 instead of continuing straight along the M5. After correcting my error (no blame on the GPS whose updating used up more of my time) it wasn’t until after Campbelltown that the driving became easy.

When the Sydney radio petered out, I replaced it with music from my Walkman MP3 player and it was wonderful to listen to great John Williams, James Horner and others from my own collection rather than what YouTube Music serves up.

The traffic further decreased after the Federal Highway turnoff. The only problem was the low sun and the insect and dust smudged windscreen

Outside, the wind turbines appear to have multiplied, gracefully slicing anticlockwise through the air.

We made it to Gundagai only slightly later than planned, a bit after 8 pm.

Gundagai is lacking in dining choices, even more so if you’re starting a low-carb diet like me. Opposite our motel is the Hungry Jacks, its signs faded and no longer lit up. The others eat Whoppers, me, a dry chicken burger.

No vegetable or fruit options at the adjacent Coles Express either. I am still hungry, but the vegetable pastie is actually a curry one. I enjoy it more than the burger.

A petrol station and landscape at dusk.

It’s too late to do anything but admire the black sky and relax in bed. Melbourne tomorrow.

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