Albury War Memorial tower

Motoring home

I’ve slept well most nights on this trip. I think it has more to do with all the exercise and driving. I’m in a flow state doing the latter, focused on the road, music in the background. It’s very tiring.

After checking out we drove a short distance to Myer in Albury and had pies for breakfast at Miss Amelie’s. They were a bit rich for the first meal of the day. Then Alex and I shared a jelly slice from the Beechworth Bakery outlet. They are great, smoother than our Christmas attempt, but at $5.50 for a tiny rectangle, a bit too expensive now.

Filled up with petrol, then we hit the motorway and didn’t stop until we got to Sydney, and another refuelling for a cent per litre less. The traffic was fine, the familiar landscape seem to flow past faster than the drive down. We skipped lunch and when we arrived home I was disappointed that I hadn’t lost any weight during the trip, but glad that I hadn’t gained any either.

It was good to leave work behind for a week and have a pretty stress free holiday with lots of activity and good food.

Now, back to to the grind.

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