Completing Tramming in Sydney

It was not my intention to complete my quest to ride the entire Sydney light rail network yesterday, but that is what we did.

As a family, we drove to Randwick to get Alex’s school bag fixed. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible, but I had noticed that we weren’t too far from the Randwick terminus of the Sydney Light Rail Line 2. We could walk there and catch a tram to the city, where many outdoor shops sell day packs.

We walk past B’s old high school and The Prince of Wales Hospital, with old sandstone buildings and very modern new research institutes. The Randwick station is at the northern side of the hospital. There isn’t a tram at the low platform for eight minutes, so we must have just missed one.

The interior of a Sydney tram, looking towards the wheelchair area

When ours arrives, there are plenty of seats available. Until a group of younger men in tight business shirts and slacks arrive, making a lot of noise. I predict that they are off to the Members’ Stand at the Sydney Cricket Ground. The fourth day of the third test between Australia and Pakistan is currently being played there.

The L2 Randwick route is more scenic than the L3 to Kingsford. After passing the University of NSW and suburban streets we take a ride around Royal Randwick Racecourse. It is there that the group of business shirts gets off. Ah, that make sense. I am glad that they are gone.

Two sets of tram tracks looking back towards UNSW. There is a red traffic light.

Beyond the racecourse is the light rail depot and, on the other side, Centennial Park, which we have cycled around a few times. This transitions into Moore Park, where we rejoin the L3. There are still spectators arriving to watch the cricket, though their stay will surely be short, given the few runs left for Australia to get.

Traffic at Moore Park.

The rest of the journey to Town Hall follows the same route as before. After arriving, we have a very disappointing lunch at Tenkomori Ramen (I wanted to return to Sayong), then fail to purchase a replacement bag from the many outdoor shops along Kent Street, though we do narrow our options.

On our return to Town Hall we suffer a Christian with a booming loudspeaker in front of St Andrew’s cathedral, ranting and raving about Jesus and hating on many groups. It was disgusting and many are angry at him.

Eventually the tram arrives and we are spared. It is fortunate that we caught this one for shortly afterwards the services are delayed by a protest march in the area.

Two trams at the Town Hall stop

As we run through Surry Hills there are colourful spectators walking their way back to Central from the Sydney Cricket Ground. Australia has won the test. More join the tram at Moore Park.

Passing Royal Randwick, we spot horses racing along the track, small specks of brown.

A tram at the Randwick terminus

Arriving back in Randwick, we spend a little time exploring the shopping area without finding anything, then walk back towards the car. Opposite the Neura building is a new apartment block with shops, including a Gelato Messina, at the base and we stop there for a welcome gelato. The nearby stables, still smelling of manure, are up for redevelopment at terrace houses.

We drive back along Botany Bay through Brighton Le Sands, murky waters churning against the beach, Alex asleep in the back of the car.

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