Shanghai, Seoul or Taipei?

So far there still no resolution to the Thai crisis, so we are seriously looking at changing our routing for the upcoming trip. We have narrowed the choices down to Shanghai, Seoul or Taipei.

Shanghai offers the World Expo and a side trip to the gardens of Suzhou. But we need visas and there will be crowds and “queues” (such as the locals queue) and all the other stresses associated with China. Plus good hotels are expensive.

Shanghai’s Pudong skyline

Seoul and Taipei appear to have fewer attractions, but should be safer with a toddler. Never been to Taipei. When I flew over it from Hong Kong I recall the city looking like a hell beneath the clouds!

Seoul’s Dongdaemun Gate

Looks like our plans for a relaxing start to the trip have been dashed, as all three cities are very active. I would personally be happy replacing Bangkok with Singapore, as all there is to do is eat tropical food and Alex would still get to fly either a Qantas 747 or A380, but we visited there last year.

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