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Category: Asia2010

  • From the Red Shirts to the Red Army

    We’ve finally made up our minds and changed our destination from Bangkok and Shanghai. It was the most expensive choice and probably the most challenging of the alternate destinations, but the flights worked out a bit better and it was difficult to pass up the opportunity for an Expo experience. The change assumes that we… Read more

  • Shanghai, Seoul or Taipei?

    So far there still no resolution to the Thai crisis, so we are seriously looking at changing our routing for the upcoming trip. We have narrowed the choices down to Shanghai, Seoul or Taipei. Shanghai offers the World Expo and a side trip to the gardens of Suzhou. But we need visas and there will… Read more

  • The Thai situation

    The current security situation in Bangkok is troubling, with the blockades, protests, shootings and now grenade attacks. I checked the government Smartraveller website and they advised that the major protester location is not too far from the hotel we booked for our upcoming trip. It’s still a month before our holiday, but with at least… Read more

  • The slow train

    As I mentioned in Asia 2010 I’d like to catch a slow railmotor around the inland branch lines of the Chugoku region of Japan. It seems that I’m not alone in this, as I found an article entitled Enjoying the Primal Scene from a Local Train… A Trip on Local Line Seeking for Local Sake… Read more

  • Still going

    My leave was approved. I feel a bit bad about potentially leaving work a little understaffed for a few days. I wondered if maybe it would be better to have split up the trip. That way I could look forward to another holiday later in the year. September kept popping into my head. Now I… Read more

  • A dream discarded?

    A couple of days later and our travel plans may be thrown into disarry with there being some dispute over whether I can actually take leave from work for the entire period. This after we have already paid for some accommodation and fares. I must await a decision on Monday, but if it is in… Read more

  • Asia 2010

    I need a holiday. I really need a holiday. It’s been so busy that I haven’t had time to relax at all, let alone update a blog. Moving to a new house, a highly mobile toddler who has bad nights, the even longer journey to work now that I take him to child care. I… Read more