There were bumps and I didn’t care

I had yet another day trip down to Canberra yesterday, flying on Qantas 737-400’s there and back again. The aircraft are looking rather tired these days and I think the “new” upholstery doesn’t help. Still, they do the task for now.

Our flight was delayed due to some galley maintenance. Once fixed, it was back off to the third runway and up into clear blue skies. This trip I decided to video take-offs and landings rather than take so many photos. I’m testing out my new Panasonic TZ10 camera with built in GPS, but unfortunately this feature only seems to be certified for the A380 and I had to switch it off.

I need to work out how to get the aspect ratio correct on YouTube before I can post up the video.

Despite the beautiful skies, there were still a few bumps and dumps, especially on descent into Canberra. I was seated in row 20 on the flight down and 25 on the way back. That’s right at the rear of the aircraft. I was a bit nervous about how I would react to any turbulence.

I was fine. In the last year or so I seem to have lost my constant nervousness about turbulence. I’m still scared of “the big drop” but no longer break into a sweat at the slightest bump.

Overall, they were two very pleasant little flights. When I arrived back into Sydney’s Terminal 3 I purchased a plush Qantas 747 toy which makes a jet noise when squeezed for Alex and an inflatable “Australian Airlines” (the orange incarnation) aircraft, just because that particular Qantas subsidiary is long dead.

I love flying all over again.

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