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  • 2019 in review

    After a few quieter years, 2019 saw us strike out for some new destinations and experiences. January Our first trip to Scandinavia and the Nordic countries as we flew to Denmark, Sweden and Finland via Osaka on Jetstar and Finnair. We were very impressed with Finnair and their A350-900, our first time on the aircraft.… Read more

  • Penang – Singapore Update

    Waiting at the Qantas Lounge in Singapore for our flight home. I’ve just been too busy to finish writing updates these past few days, but I’ll publish them eventually. In short: I caught the train from Penang to Singapore while the others flew.  We visited Sentosa Island and the Singapore Zoo.  I lost my appetite. … Read more

  • My ultimate Jetstar journey

    You can do some pretty impressive Asian itineraries on low cost airlines these days, hopping between different countries in the region, with more destinations and airlines cropping up all the time.  In the absence of any holidays planned, and not much spare cash to plan them with, I have had a little fun imagining a… Read more

  • Night flight

    Every night I take our dog Kita out to do his business before he goes to bed. While I wait I watch the last few flights in and out of Sydney. They cruise overhead, mostly quietly, sometimes with a roar. Domestic flights, international flights out to Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Tokyo. I’ve been on… Read more

  • Transit stops

    I have an obsession with transit stops. Those rests in between legs of the outgoing or return journeys. Sometimes they are a race to explore a place before restarting the journey. Other times, the transit stop is an enforced rest, where you are limited to the accommodation and its surrounds. No great quests to find… Read more

  • Doctor Who in Melbourne

    The Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular was performed in Melbourne on Saturday the 4th of February and naturally I had to attend. The three of us flew down with Qantas on the Friday for a couple of nights stay in my favourite Australian city. Apart from the fantastic concert (review here), we also visited the Melbourne… Read more

  • allrite’s travels in 2011

    March: Flew to Melbourne for the day to listen to a MSO John Williams concert. March: Flew to Thailand, visited Bangkok and Chiang Mai, rode elephants, petted tigers. March/April: Onward flight to Fukuoka in Japan, trains to Nagasaki, Yufuin, Oita, Beppu, Kumamoto, Osaka, Kyoto. Onsens and hells. May: Day trip to Canberra for work June:… Read more

  • Reflections on a 10th anniversary in Europe

    More than a month has passed since our trip to Europe. The story of the trip is written on allrite@, but now I wish to sort out my impressions of the journey. After the excitement of the journey itself what you are left with is your memories, the ultimate souvenirs of your holiday. Highlights for… Read more


    If you are wondering why this blog has been so quiet, despite the upcoming trip, it was because I have been busy. Busy with work, busy with family, busy planning the Europe trip. But I have also been spending all my spare time on another travel project – a custom made online travel journal to… Read more

  • The weekend Rocked

    It’s just under a year since Alex and I last visited Rockhampton. It had been six years since our previous visit and we had just returned from a quick visit to Singapore, with Alex just recovering from a bought of gastro. B remained in Sydney. We only stayed a night, enough time to see my… Read more