allrite’s travels in 2011

  • March: Flew to Melbourne for the day to listen to a MSO John Williams concert.
  • March: Flew to Thailand, visited Bangkok and Chiang Mai, rode elephants, petted tigers.
  • March/April: Onward flight to Fukuoka in Japan, trains to Nagasaki, Yufuin, Oita, Beppu, Kumamoto, Osaka, Kyoto. Onsens and hells.
  • May: Day trip to Canberra for work
  • June: *****
  • July: Three days in Canberra for work
  • October: Up to Rockhampton for my sister’s wedding
  • November: Our 10th anniversary trip to Europe via Kuala Lumpur. Stopped in the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Switzerland and France. Passed through Germany.
  • December: Overnight stay in Canberra for work.
Visited a total of nine countries, ten if you count Australia. Twenty-five flights on seven airlines (or nine if you count regional subsidiaries). Fourteen different aircraft types, counting subtypes. Countless trains.
Already booked what’s likely to be our first trip of 2012. Almost the same as in 2011: down to Melbourne to listen to the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra play music from Doctor Who.
May 2012 be another great year for travelling!
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