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Category: Malaysia 08

  • The bumpy road back home

    Bumpy is one word that could be used to describe a number of journeys in this holiday. Taxis, buses and even trains bouncing at high speed. The slower but even rougher ride on an elephant’s back. And last night’s flight home. Only once have I experienced a flight so rough and that was a small… Read more

  • Better than Paris

    Hilton. Not the city, not the hotel. Well, sort of the hotel. Okay, for a smaller sum of money than we would pay for many a three star hotel in Sydney we booked a room in the Hilton Kuala Lumpur. It’s our first ever time in a confirmed five star hotel and it sure is… Read more

  • On the back of an elephant

    Discworld may require four elephants to support it, but B and I only need one. Perhaps that is why our ride was so shaky, but Namchou never let us fall. We were on an organised day tour of the Kachanaburi area about 130 kilometres away from Bangkok. Our small coach raced along the highway to… Read more

  • Wat!

    As this holiday progresses it is becoming steadily more difficult to wake up early. Nevertheless, that is what we had to do in order to join today’s tour to the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew. We were collected from our hotel and sent to the tour offices to join 30 others on the tour… Read more

  • Mahachai Shortline

    I’m a bit of a train buff and no journey to a foreign land would be complete without a trip on the local railway system. In this case it would be an opportunity to experience some of ordinary Thailand outside of the tourist sites. I had read about the Mahachai Shortline in the Lonely Planet… Read more

  • @Siam

    Is this hotel funky or what? The interior is like a work of modern art and there’s a video CCTV channel that shows what’s going down at the restaurant “Party House”! It’s almost a pity that we have so much planned for Bangkok that we won’t be spending that much time in the Siam@Siam Design… Read more

  • Food and a funeral

    We missed our breakfast at the hotel this morning. B was feeling a little ill, probably a consequence of too many long days and late nights. But not to worry, as good food is never far away in Malaysia! Behind our hotel, down along Jalan Walter Grenier is long steel canopy, rusted with age. Beneath… Read more

  • Quiet capitals and nyonya treats

    Many people consider Canberra too quiet and boring. They haven’t visited Putrajaya. Malaysia’s new capital contains some magnificent examples of Muslim inspired modern architecture, but it is as quiet as a tomb. Putrajaya is an attempt to move the Malaysian government apparatus away from Kuala Lumpur and to an entirely new capital city. All the… Read more

  • Petaling

    No, I’m not talking about how I laid petals at the feet of B in preparation for Valentine’s Day! But I did do a quite a bit of Petaling today. After a hotel breakfast of nasi lemak (coconut rice with various side dishes), fruits and buns we meet one of B’s aunt’s in the hotel… Read more

  • From Sydney to Kuala Lumpur

    I woke early this morning, so excited was I about our trip to Malaysia and Thailand. Without our dog Kita around the morning was quiet and I focused on packing the last of my gear. B, on the other hand, was reluctant to wake and we left the house a little late for my liking.… Read more