Still going

My leave was approved. I feel a bit bad about potentially leaving work a little understaffed for a few days. I wondered if maybe it would be better to have split up the trip. That way I could look forward to another holiday later in the year. September kept popping into my head.

Now I recall why September. I’ve been to Japan twice in September, including our first ever trip there in 2003. Both times it was very hot and sticky. So maybe it isn’t such a great time to visit. We’ve been once before, in later June of 2008, and it seemed okay then so hopefully it will be true for this trip.

April is definitely my favourite time, when the cherry blossoms are out, the lanterns are strung between the trees and the nation is in a festive mood. March last year was cold and still a little bleak. Nikko’s autumn foliage of early November 2005 was another highlight. I should like to see winter in Japan one day. My experience of snow is very limited and there is nothing like a hot Japanese bath after a cold day.

One day…

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