The hotel at the airport

A field of amber points interspersed with green and yellow, lights momentarily obscured by the aluminium and carbon fibre flying beasts that roost within them. The flickering of warning strobes from the scurrying vehicles servicing the sky bound cousins.

We are staying at the Rydges Hotel Sydney Airport, right across from the International Terminal. There are views of the main runway across to the Domestic terminals. It’s a nice hotel, if a little bland, and about as convenient as you can get.

For dinner we just crossed the road to the airport food court. Thai for Alex and B, Vietnamese rice paper rolls for me. Unchallenging food.

Tomorrow we fly to Osaka. My heart is heavy with concern, despite my head reminding me that it will be okay.

There is yet another typhoon, Kong-Rey, lurking in the Pacific, likely heading for Japan. Great sky rivers of wind crossing the continents, the jetstream. Clouds and winds stealthily approaching the city at night to banish the clear skies of today.

Oh for the good old days of holidays, when this stay by the airport would be filled with exciting anticipation. Watching the travellers walk past the big glass windows of the food court and imagining that I was amongst them, picking up on the thrill of the crowds beginning or completing their own adventures.

Tomorrow that will be us walking down the jet bridge into our aircraft, soaring upwards into unknown yet too familiar skies. May they be safe and smooth.

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