My Mascot is a Bin Chicken

It’s almost time for a change. A change from the daily grind of work and chores, a change from Australia, Japan and Singapore. A Korea change.

It’s time to leave the house, under blue skies with wisps of high cloud moderating the golden light of late already in an early spring day. It’s warm, almost hot, as I walk towards the bus stop where B and Alex wait with our luggage.

A bus carries us to Padstow station, from where we catch a train towards the airport.

Bus over the Georges River

It looks like a beautiful day to fly, but we aren’t doing that today. Instead we get out at Mascot and drag our luggage back, past the apartment towers and Qantas base, towards the Bin Chicken Hotel.

The Ibis Sydney Airport.

Not the Ibis Budget. The next cheapest one.

Ibis Sydney Airport

From here we can more easily catch a train early to the International Airport tomorrow morning.

The room is compact, but quite comfortable, with a Samsung television and a small window out of which we can see traffic and the odd aircraft.

We rest, then head out for dinner, back towards Mascot station. The hotel lobby is crowded with guests waiting to check in. I’m glad we were early.

I spotted a Malaysian eatery on the map so that’s where we are off to. Into Laksa indeed has great laksa and other Malaysian dishes. Afterwards we had some complimentary fruit juice at the hotel bar. The guava brought back memories of the tropics. It’s a nice way to start the trip.

Curry chicken laksa

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