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  • Kyoto Railway Museum

    Kyoto Railway Museum

    As our train approached Kyoto station this morning I spotted a steam train pulling a collection of open sided passenger carriages. Also at that moment Alex asked to return to the train museum at Nagoya to play with their ticket gate exhibit.  I suggested that we change our plans and go to the Kyoto Railway… Read more

  • Takayama Showa Museum

    Takayama Showa Museum

    We were walking around Takayama after searching for a birthday cake for B when we came across this unprepossessing museum. From the outside you would think it a rundown little Japanese toy store, but inside is a remarkable collection of old objects, many still working.  After you buy the ticket and head behind the curtain… Read more

  • Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology¬†

    Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology 

    From trains to automobiles. After lunch and shopping at a local shopping centre we returned to Nagoya Station and transferred to the Meitetsu Line for a quick trip to Sako.  Toyota started of as a manufacturer of weaving machines before moving into cars. The museum is located in their original factory. There is a hands… Read more

  • SCMAGLEV and Railway Park

    SCMAGLEV and Railway Park

    I think we’ve found Alex’s ultimate amusement ride: a ticket gate.  As I’m on the ultimate railway journey around Japan it makes sense to visit a railway museum. Inside, apart from fascinating explanations of Shinkansen technology, its next generation magnetic levitation train, a massive working HO scale layout and various older locomotives and carriages, is… Read more