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Tag: Kyoto

  • Toei Kyoto Studio Park 

    Toei Kyoto Studio Park 

    XToei are a major Japanese film and television studio making shows ranging from historical dramas to animation and live action superhero series. In addition to working studios, the Kyoto Park provides a range of activities.  After another long walk through local Kyoto with its tiny shops, houses and even a temple or two we caught… Read more

  • Kyoto Railway Museum

    Kyoto Railway Museum

    As our train approached Kyoto station this morning I spotted a steam train pulling a collection of open sided passenger carriages. Also at that moment Alex asked to return to the train museum at Nagoya to play with their ticket gate exhibit.  I suggested that we change our plans and go to the Kyoto Railway… Read more

  • The saga is complete

    I think I’ve finally done it. I’ve travelled along all the public lengths of the Sanin line. Didn’t I complete that last trip? No, there was one stretch, an old stretch no longer traversed by normal trains, that remained. And now I’ve ridden along it. The photo that won me the Jetstar voucher that paid… Read more

  • The pointy end: Japan alone on Jetstar

    The magic of flying. At it’s best it’s about sailing high above the clouds through smooth skies listening to beautiful music. At it’s worst it’s squashed, exhausted, bored and unable to sleep, into a cramped aluminium can bouncing through turbulent night skies. From the comments of many you would think that Jetstar is all about… Read more