Swimming and shopping

I remember the first time we stayed in the Kuala Lumpur Hilton. This was called a “Techno Room” then. A 42″ plasma TV with external connections, a repeater TV in the bathroom. Probably had a DVD drive and maybe a PlayStation as well.

Now… the TV signal isn’t HD and looks as terrible now as it did then. There’s no HDMI input, only VGA and RCA plugs. No DVD player so far as I can see. And Alex somehow blacked out the TV with the remote control.

And their reservations system crashed today…

Doesn’t really matter anyway. What’s important is that the swimming pool is still nice. We had a swim after we got up this morning and swim before bed. Unfortunately, I was too full to order sticks of satay by the pool, one of my dreams.

After swim one we caught a taxi back to Mid Valley Megamall, where we had a better kampong chicken rice than yesterday and various other dishes. The highlight was ordering a huge roti tisu from Original Penang Kayu, a thin mostly crispy Indian bread coated with sweet condensed milk.

There was shopping involved, as usual on the final day. We walked at the bottom level where our noses were assualted by the wares on offer: durians, Chinese medicinal herbs and honey. Alex threw up.

We were all exhausted but MiL and friend were using our hotel room before flying off tonight, so instead we caught a taxi to Petaling Street. I couldn’t resist returning to the apom balik stall. Then we wandered the busy market, mostly full of ripoff watches, bags and clothing.

We bougth rambutans and then had dinner at a famous Hokkien noodle restaurant, old and rundown and squeezed into a corner of the market, so different from the shiny new version in Lot 10 Hutong. And so our first and last dinners on this trip in Malaysia were the same.

A storm threatened but didn’t eventuate. We caught the LRT back one station from Pasar Seni to Sentral, cheap and faster than a taxi.

Another swim and then bed.

I’m feeling nervous about tomorrow’s flight with these morning storm clouds and jetstream over Central Australia. I hope it’s not going to be as rough as our last flight. I still remember flying back with AirAsiaX to Sydney and as soon as we crossed the threshold into the city wham, down we dropped. Welcome home…

So here’s to a safe and smooth flight home.

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