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Category: Malaysia Singapore 2014

  • Chickens can fly

    What a pleasant flight home! After all the fear and internal drama of developing storms and jetstream turbulence combined with the apprehension of a “Sydney welcome” the flight turned out to be very smooth. We had to get up early. Early for Malaysia, but sadly still later than our usual Australian day which has returned… Read more

  • Swimming and shopping

    I remember the first time we stayed in the Kuala Lumpur Hilton. This was called a “Techno Room” then. A 42″ plasma TV with external connections, a repeater TV in the bathroom. Probably had a DVD drive and maybe a PlayStation as well. Now… the TV signal isn’t HD and looks as terrible now as… Read more

  • In PJ

    Stesen Sentral (Central Station) is convenient for those in transit, not a great destination in itself, although over the past few years there has been development, including a swish new shopping centre connected to the station. At least we found a place in the dingy upstairs Malay food court that serves good roti canai. The… Read more

  • Return to KL

    Remember how terrified I was a few days ago of flying through storms that never eventuated. Well today I started confidently on the slightly longer flight back from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and… We checked out early and without breakfast, catching the MRT all the way from Tanjong Pagar to Changi Airport with a change… Read more

  • Babboon bums and breakfast

    The greatest pleasure of Singapore (and Malaysia) comes from enjoying the local cuisine. We returned to Maxwell Road Food Centre for a breakfast of mee sua, apom balik pancakes from my favourite store, mee siam and a really nice laksa. Mee is noodles, by the way. I was planning to take Alex to the science… Read more

  • Everything is awesome!

    When it comes to dream jobs I suspect that professional Lego builder would be at the top of many people’s list. There must be quite a few of them judging by the number and size of models around Legoland. Wow! Another too early morning from Alex. He and I snuggled up in the bottom bunk… Read more

  • Props and blocks

    Sleeping in is a skill that Alex has forgotten lately. I don’t think they teach it at school. So we were up before sunrise. But Malaysia wakes late and it was another few hours before we went out seeking breakfast. On our last trip to KL we discovered some great food along Jalan Imbi, so… Read more

  • Deserts and storms

    Though it was a pretty good flight yesterday I couldn’t wait to be on the ground. Maybe it’s the colour red, maybe it’s a cold and lack of sleep, or maybe the amount of flying I’ve done is finally catching up with me. We walked out of the house into a cool foggy morning and… Read more

  • The weather up there

    The forecast for Sydney to Singapore tomorrow courtesy of a Qantas Facebook chat: Dave Egan: Very broadly out of Sydney tomorrow will be an excellent day. On route there is currenlty a jet stream expected to be about the NSW/QLD border at about 10am. There could be some mild turb here. Then usually as you… Read more

  • The do in Pudu

    I was flicking through the television channels tonight when I came across the movie Entrapment. I’ve never watched it before, but I knew that part of it was filmed in Malaysia. At this point the protagonists were climbing up the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur. Shortly afterwards the action moves to Pudu station. Great,… Read more