Segaways and sea life

I have a problem. I’m in Singapore and I have no appetite. Maybe I just ate too much in Malaysia, but I simply don’t feel hungry. Also, I’m getting sick.

Fortunately Alex is fine after throwing up over a day ago. And B is as hungry as ever.

Our hotel, the Dorsett, is located at the end of Singapore’s Chinatown. We walk in towards the communist sounding Peoples Park complex, looking for diarrhoea medication for me, but the pharmacies are all closed. The others have bowls of noodles for breakfast, I a wedge of shallot pancake.

When the pharmacy opens it doesn’t sell any useful medication.

Alex is going through a phase of indecisiveness where “it’s okay” or “I don’t mind. I kind of want to and kind of don’t care.”

So he kind of wants to go to Sentosa Island. but we aren’t going to Universal Studios Singapore again, okay?


We catch the MRT to Harbourfront and ride the Sentosa Express across to the island, Singapore’s playground. In our possession are tickets for three activities.

The first is a Segway ride. We all give it a go. I find it harder the longer I ride, which is fortunately only a short time. It’s my first time, the other two did the same ride on a previous trip to Singapore.

Next is a ride down the luge. Not feeling well and under the influence of medication (I shouldn’t have used the Segway), I pass. It’s unfortunate, because it’s a lot of fun. So much fun that Alex and B go a second time and would have done more.

Alex remembers a fun flying fox, but it’s gone. In its stead is the Mega Zipline. B convinces Alex to give it a go and they go tandem shrieking down the overhead cable from up the hill across to an island. Looks scary, but they both love it.

I’m feeling dizzy on the ground.

That’s their pass used up. We return to the island gateway and eat lunch at the Malaysian Food Street, an indoor recreation of Malaysian food outlets. It’s okay, but again I don’t eat much, sharing my meal with Alex the Growing.

I’ve still got two credits, which I intend to use at the SEAA Aquarium. The displays are impressive. I especially like the sharks, the bright Caribbean reef fish, eels, jellyfish and horseshoe crab. Not so much all the tourists taking selfies and sitting with their backs to the displays.

As the sky darkened with storm clouds we decide it is time to leave Sentosa. Alex is desperate for some Lego. I find a Secret Chamber, a Singapore chain selling older and rarer Lego sets, at Holland Road Shopping Centre, accessible via MRT.

We head there and find a battery box we need, but not the other pieces he is searching for. B spots a durian shop across the road and sits down to eat some. Alex tries and screws up his face. I hide.

This seems like an expat area, judging from the number of ang mohs on the streets and the bars. However, we go to a local food centre for dinner. Alex can’t finish his steak, insisting on western food. I’m not hungry and B doesn’t really want her meal either. Honestly, we feel like we are all a bit over the cuisine and it’s very sad.

Still desperate for Lego, we return back to Bricksworld and Toys’R’Us in Vivo City. Though there’s plenty of great Lego on sale, it’s more expensive than in Australia. But Toys’R’Us does have a Lego Merlion on display.

I’m sure B and Alex will want to go back to Sentosa just for the luge and I wouldn’t mind giving it a go too. Another time.

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