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Category: SP2018

  • Rediscovering the beauty of flying: Back from Singapore

    I wake up wishing for a teleport to take me home. I’m sick of Singaporean airconditioning on the inside and heat and humidity outside. I’m tired of being constantly on the move and staying up so late. I miss my dog. And I want to be able to eat again without the solids constantly liquefying.… Read more

  • Singapore Zoo

    More indecision about where to go. Singapore Zoo was high on our list of “must see agains” so that’s where we decide to go. It’s a bit easier to get to than before, with a couple of MRT rides and the Mandai express bus from Khatib station. The zoo itself is beautifully designed. Water barriers… Read more

  • Segaways and sea life

    I have a problem. I’m in Singapore and I have no appetite. Maybe I just ate too much in Malaysia, but I simply don’t feel hungry. Also, I’m getting sick. Fortunately Alex is fine after throwing up over a day ago. And B is as hungry as ever. Our hotel, the Dorsett, is located at… Read more

  • From Penang to Singapore by train

    It makes no sense. I could sleep in, have a wonderful buffet breakfast and fly to Singapore in a bit over an hour. Instead I have to wake before dawn, skip breakfast and spend at least eleven hours on trains, arriving at midnight. Why? Because I’m me. Last time I did this trip was 22… Read more

  • Old town food

    Our Penang quest for food starts at the resort with another buffet breakfast. This one caters to a range of visitor tastes. There are local guests, Malay, Indian and Chinese, those from China itself, from Western countries and from the Middle East. Lots of ladies in chadors and men in designer sunglasses. The buffet is… Read more

  • Wet markets to water views

    Sitting in the Golden Sands Resort at Batu Ferringhi in Penang, a childhood haunt of B, feeling rather full after a large meal of seafood by the beach. Despite changing hotels, today was not a travel day. It was nice to be able to sleep in with the only timetable being that of breakfast and… Read more

  • Mission food: To Penang

    This is the second Georgetown we’ve visited this month. It’s not like the British were great at coming up with new names, at least not interesting ones. In this case there’s no space between the name and the description, but like George Town Tasmania this one is on an island. Modern Georgetown, like Singapore where… Read more

  • Bumping through the high cloud

    It’s 6:30 in the morning in Singapore and despite being absolutely exhausted I can’t sleep. That’s because it’s 9:30 AM back in Sydney. That’s when our shuttle bus back to the airport will leave from this hotel, the Grand Mercure Roxy. Then it’s a flight to our next destination of Penang. We only arrived at… Read more