New Qantas flights to Japan

Here’s a sight you won’t be seeing after July next year: A Qantas Boeing 747 at Narita Airport in Japan. But not to worry, because Qantas is changing airports to Haneda for its daily flights from Sydney and they still plan to fly their 747-400s there. I’ve never been to Haneda so that’ll be interesting. The airport is much closer to Tokyo city than Narita, though I’ll miss the Narita Express train to Shinjuku.

Qantas isn’t leaving Narita though as there will be direct flights from Brisbane plus an unnamed Australian city (we’re guessing Melbourne or Perth) on Airbus A330 aircraft. There are also the Jetstar flights from the Gold Coast, Melbourne and Cairns.

It’s wonderful to see Japan becoming an increasingly popular destination for Australians. Looking forward to our Qantas flights back there next cherry blossom season.

Qantas media release

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