And we are off!

October 2018

It’s up, up and away on our virtual trip to Japan aboard a Qantas A330-300 to Osaka. Sydney’s Central Business District and the famous Harbour Bridge can be seen in the background.

From point to point

Done it! Arrived in Sydney after some great views of Victoria, snow on the Alps, and more Canberra. Even flew over one of my workplaces. Few bumps and I’m glad to be back. Tension over for now.

At Kansai and on

Arrived at Kansai International after a pretty good but long flight. Spent the night at Izumi San and now back to the airport for our Sapporo flight.

Sleepy at Singapore

Survived the flight from Sydney to Singapore. The Qantas A332 was in a domestic configuration and fitted out with iPads instead of seatback screens. I just used my phone with the Qantas Entertainment App to stream the map and listened to music. Magnificent scenery leaving Sydney, but then we entered high cloud and it was mostly that for the rest of the flight. Bump, bump, bump. Arrived in Singapore too late to eat. Very tired.