Hotel reviews

Many accommodation booking websites now include guest reviews on their advertised hotels. The reviews can be a really useful tool in selecting accommodation that is appropriate for your needs, telling what the hotel advertisements leave out.

When reading the reviews you will often find that a common theme often emerges for accommodation in a given country. I tend to discount the Americans and Australians who whine about tiny rooms in Hong Kong, Japan (pictured), Europe and London. It’s just a fact of life for those high density locations and you could say that our rooms are often too big for our needs. Though I do admit that the hotel in London was at the lower limit and as expensive as hell!

I’m noticing another theme for hotels in Kuala Lumpur: bad service. Across the boards there are complaints about rude or lacking service from hotel staff and shoddy maintenance of facilities. I’m not going to pass judgement until I’ve been there myself. I don’t remember any huge problems at the three previous Malaysian hotels we stayed at, but neither would I say that we are demanding travellers. So long as it is reasonably clean, quiet, cool and the bathroom works then we are usually happy.

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