Home tests

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling sick, then slept in until nine. I still felt bad. Uh oh. I ruled myself out of doing anything today except going home. Straight home.

Fortunately, Alex agreed with me, so after a breakfast in the apartment we set off back to Sydney. 

I closed my eyes and listened through headphones most of the way, with B doing the driving. We know this route intimately. 

The only things of note along the way is that Lake George has water. Not full by any means, but not as empty as on the last few trips. 

Then, after Menangle, on my favourite section where the railway runs through the grassy hills, I spotted the daily Xplorer rail car set on its way to Canberra.

After reaching home and unpacking the car I drove off to the Sutherland covid-19 testing clinic. It is almost certainly not covid, but it is also important to be sure, especially after visiting so many locations.

It is also scary that, despite all the precautions, I managed to catch something that is probably less contagious than SARS-COV-2. 

I really enjoyed this drive around Central Western NSW. There were some wonderful gardens, fascinating museums and history and some excellent scenery along the way. 

Still, I do wonder if we should be travelling right now. Even back in Sydney I realise that we need to keep out of those areas other states have designated as “hotspots” so that we do not exclude ourselves from further travel, let alone risk getting sick.

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