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  • Home tests

    I woke up in the middle of the night feeling sick, then slept in until nine. I still felt bad. Uh oh. I ruled myself out of doing anything today except going home. Straight home. Fortunately, Alex agreed with me, so after a breakfast in the apartment we set off back to Sydney.  I closed… Read more

  • Of Moon rocks and rockets

    The rules changed a few days ago and many residents of Sydney, including us, can now visit the Australian Capital Territory. It’s barely an interstate trip, but there was small desire to visit. Unfortunately Alex is suffering nausea as we drive along the Lachlan Valley Highway and we have to make a few stops for… Read more

  • War, trains and fishes

    The most compelling reasons to visit Cowra stem from those who were compelled by force to stay here. In 1941, during World War Two, the Cowra Prisoners of War camp was established, eventually holding prisoners from Italy, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia and Japan. The circular camp was divided into four quadrants, each holding a different group.… Read more

  • Plugs and dishes

    One thing astronomers and geologists have in common is that they both look back in time. The Warrambungles is a place that combines astronomy with a geologically fascinating landscape. I also have personal history with the town, having visited twice before with my parents and siblings. It wasn’t our original intention to head north to… Read more

  • Japan in Dubbo and flying doctors

    So no Japan trip last year and who knows if we’ll be able to go this year? But who would expect to find a piece of Japan in country Dubbo? The Shoyoen Japanese Garden in the Dubbo Regional Botanic Gardens was surprisingly authentic, one of those unexpected gems we are more used to finding in… Read more

  • It’s the cycle of life

    Sydney’s Taronga Zoo is famous not just for its animals but its spectacular views of the harbour. Its offshoot in Dubbo, the Western Plains Zoo, lacks the views. It attempts to make up for it with a spacious environment for its many large and endangered species on display.  It is my turn to drive today… Read more

  • Rocks and gardens

    When I was a young kid I used to love visiting the Museum of Victoria and pouring over the minerals and fossils, reading each label and description. This morning was a return to that childhood. First we had a little wander around the Bathurst Market Square, now a park with memorials to surveyor George Evans,… Read more

  • Tracks to Bathurst

    We were booked to fly to Rockhampton tomorrow, our first flights in a year and a half. Not happening. The borders are closed again. For those in Greater Sydney there is nowhere to go but New South Wales itself. So that is what we are doing. Driving the new car we cross the Blue Mountains.… Read more