Escaping again in Canberra

For these past two days I’ve been at our annual team get together in Canberra. I drove down on Tuesday morning, taking less than three hours to do the trip. Thought of flying at the last moment as the sky looked so nice, but it was expensive and a colleague tells me bumpy anyway.

After a day of meetings we broke into two groups to do a couple of escape rooms, which were quite challenging (we paid for these out of our own pockets). Afterwards Brod Burgers and (for others) beer at Capital Brewing.

I stayed at the Pavilion hotel again, the decor as depressing as ever. Fortunately the had apples at the reception desk as I need a fruit fix after the burgers.

Actually watched a program on TV, the absurd Angus Project.

Another meeting this morning before I drove back to Sydney just in time to take Alex to tennis. A grey miserable day not worth flying through, but driving wasn’t that fun, especially with psycho utes and Mercedes on the roads.

At least the new tram line is progressing well in Canberra. I look forward to riding it (and for the 40 km/h speed limits to be removed on Northbourne Avenue!)