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Tag: Canberra

  • Wattle and cherry blossom

    On the last days of winter, Canberra blooms with the yellow of wattle and the pink and white of cherry blossoms. Public servants and consultants dressed in black scuttle past having bought their morning coffees and now heading off to work. I sit in a Max Brenner drinking thick hot chocolate to ward off the… Read more

  • One night in Canberra

    It’s the April school holidays and we are too busy to have a break but need one because of that. And because it’s the Easter weekend the options are limited, so we just drive down to Canberra for the night. No, this isn’t our first trip for 2023. I wrote about Japan on another site. … Read more

  • Not so Smart

    After spending the night on the apartment couch, while B and Alex had the queen bed, it is time to leave Canberra and begin our journey home. So as not to entirely waste a visit to the city, we first make a stop at the National Gallery of Australia.  Alex wanted to revisit the War… Read more

  • Lake George, The National Zoo and Aquarium

    As 2021 comes to a close the travel situation is as messed up as it has ever been. Just when we thought a small measure of normality was about to return and that we could travel interstate and overseas once more, along came the Omicron strain of Covid.  The rapid spread of Omicron in the… Read more

  • Of Moon rocks and rockets

    The rules changed a few days ago and many residents of Sydney, including us, can now visit the Australian Capital Territory. It’s barely an interstate trip, but there was small desire to visit. Unfortunately Alex is suffering nausea as we drive along the Lachlan Valley Highway and we have to make a few stops for… Read more

  • War, democracy and a jumbo jet

    Thanks to COVID-19, Alex’s long awaited school camp to the Snowy Mountains and Canberra was cancelled. Fortunately we have already given him greater snow experiences both overseas and in the mountains, but he was really looking forward to tours of the National Capital, having studied Australian democracy during the past couple of terms. This time… Read more

  • Flowers, coins and Kung-fu Panda in Canberra

    We arrived back yesterday from a couple of nights in Canberra. The three of us drove down there on Tuesday, staying in a two bedroom apartment at the new and rather nice Deco Hotel. We were all rather tired and the weather was grey and miserable, so the only thing of note I did was… Read more

  • Sakura in Canberra

    Sakura in Canberra

    Drove home, but not before admiring the cherry blossoms down by the lake. Read more

  • Mints and flowers

    Mints and flowers

    A tour of the Royal Australian Mint, the history of Australian coins, robots and powerful presses. More interesting than expected! The National Museum of Australia has the Dreamworks Exhibition, sketches and maquettes, some fun computer tools and an exhilarating dragon ride. The museum also has interesting Australiana and Alex cried at the extinction of the… Read more

  • Canberra Light Rail

    Canberra Light Rail

    In Canberra for a couple of days with B and Alex. The weather was miserable this afternoon and everyone was tired, so the other two returned to the hotel. I decided to ride the length of the new Canberra light rail track. The route may not be the most scenic, but it was very pleasant… Read more