Driving alone

The problem with driving a car is that you can’t take photos. And driving alone means nobody else can take them for you.

It was such a beautiful sunset this evening. Swirls of icy contrails in the sky, their parent planes long gone. Low cloud, grey, indistinct against the salmon, orange and gold glow of the sky.

Hills, trees, eventually Black Mountain Tower silhouetted black-grey against the colours of the sun and sky.

After this morning’s perfect weather and the evening’s perfect sunset I regretted not flying, though the bending of the branches and the light spatter of rain on the windshield suggested that my regret was a little misplaced.

Too late now. I have finished my longest drive alone yet. It was relatively easy, though I was racing the dark (but not beyond the speed limit).

The rooms of the Pavilion Hotel lack warmth and character. There is a tiredness here that reflects the way I feel after almost three hours at the wheel. The nasi goreng and satay special was also a disappointment, I should have got the steak. Silly me.

Anyway, I’m here for work. Extravagance can wait for another time.