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  • Baby flies the A380: Trip reports and wrap up

    I’ve now posted trip reports on for each of the airborne legs of our trip to Singapore and Malaysia. Baby Flies The A380 Pt 1: QF SYD-SIN A380 (pics)Baby Flies The A380 Pt 2: 3K SIN-KUL A320 (pics) Baby Flies The A380 Pt 3: MH KUL-KUA 734 (pics) Baby Flies The A380 Pt 4:… Read more

  • Seeya Singapore, Hello Home!

    I sit at home typing this sad that I am not still on holidays. In some ways it is good to be back, good to be listening to music on my stereo with my dog sitting next to me. But I would rather still be travelling somewhere in the world. Not that long after I… Read more

  • An orchard of shops

    Our last day in Singapore. As I type this B is watching a “historical” Chinese action flick with lots of wire stunts. The television in this hotel is pretty good. Apart from the dreadful CNN and other US news channels there is NHK Japan and even the Australia Channel. I’ve heard that it’s not popular… Read more

  • A Firefly to Perankan Food

    It was with some regret that we said goodbye to Kuantan and Malaysia today. We packed our belongings into the car and drove out past the kampongs to the airport. The Sultan Ahmed Shah terminal was quiet. Most of the shops and services were closed, though there was a restaurant and small local products shop… Read more

  • A lazy day at the beach

    It’s 2am and somebody is still setting fireworks off on the beach in front of the hotel. I can’t see the explosions as I have the window shuttered, but I can still hear them. I’ve wanted to have a lazy day and today was the closest I got. I woke up in the night from… Read more

  • Driving us crazy

    In Sydney a bad driver is either one who drives too aggressively or too erratically. Do the latter and the former will ensure that your drive is made a misery. In Malaysia they just forgive you. Thanks to the inflexible nature of their banking system we were forced to drive all the way from Kuantan… Read more

  • Salted fish and a jackfruit bay

    I’ve been offline for a few days so I’m catching up on my blog posts… You know those days when you are feeling sick and all you want to do is sleep. This was one of those days. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to sleep in as we had a flight to catch. The alarm clock… Read more

  • Crabs and crazy kids

    The last time we visited Pulua Ketam, or Crab Island as it translates in English, we were holding B’s cousin’s baby. This time he held ours. The other difference was that this time we caught the ferry rather than a sampan. I think the sampan was more fun, skimming the water at high speed, slamming… Read more

  • The boring bits

    Malaysia’s commuter train system makes Sydney’s look positively fantastic by comparison. Out of four trains I caught today three were cancelled without warning. I’d be standing watching the indicator board which would flash to say the train was coming, then subtly just update the train arrival time to 20 minutes in the future. All we… Read more

  • Kuih on the way

    There’s always time for more kuih. Once it was clear that Alex wasn’t going to sleep any longer in the cot we bundled him into his stroller and set out to find breakfast. We returned to East Coast Road behind the hotel to find that most of the shops weren’t yet open. Mary’s Corner, a… Read more