Baby flies the A380: Trip reports and wrap up

I’ve now posted trip reports on for each of the airborne legs of our trip to Singapore and Malaysia.

Baby Flies The A380 Pt 1: QF SYD-SIN A380 (pics)
Baby Flies The A380 Pt 2: 3K SIN-KUL A320 (pics)
Baby Flies The A380 Pt 3: MH KUL-KUA 734 (pics)
Baby Flies The A380 Pt 4: FireFly KUA-SIN ATR72
Baby Flies The A380 Pt 5: QF SIN-SYD A380 (pics)

I found this trip a little disappointing. Rather than veging out by the pool, the beach and the food courts, there were too many days rushing around on business, exploration or with friends and relatives. I was very tired and wanted to relax and play with Alex, whereas as B, stuck at home for the year, was looking forward to going out and having fun. We certainly had fun, but I didn’t return rested.

Thinking about it now I realise that I enjoyed the trip to Japan earlier this year more overall. Not the flights or the trips to the medical services, the recent trip was way better in that regard. Even though the Japanese trip was also very exhausting, I enjoyed the connection between Alex and me. Travelling in the Baby Bjoern meant that he was next to me most of the time, instead of isolated in his stroller. Humming music to him while standing at the end of the train carriages was tiring, but great bonding.

Alex probably got more out of the Malaysian trip than Japan, because he is older and more alert now. I look forward to many more holidays together as a family.

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