The skies, they are totally clear
But then, so is my fear
I feel a breeze
An evil tease
In my head, screams do I hear.

That hole deep in my gut
The eyes that are tightly shut
A horrible nightmare
That only I care
Others think I’m just a nut.

The silver that I am off to seek
Is only a sign I am weak
Flying in error
Feeling the terror
Counting myself among the meek.

Trying to be brave enough to fly
I’m scared and I don’t know why
What lies ahead
Are lies in my head
I just want to curl up and cry.

Back from Osaka

The holiday is done. All back home now, including doggy. Quite a bumpy flight until we were off the coast of Australia. Saw meteors, other aircraft, a green laser over PNG and watched “The Abyss”. Lots of rain clouds over Sydney, though the threatened bumps didn’t really eventuate.

Need a shower, sleep and food now.

Checked in, but not ready to go

Well, I sort of am ready to go in that I’d love to be home in my own bed right now. It’s the intervening bit that I am dreading.

Had some French toast with berries and ice cream for “dinner”. Can’t stand savoury right now.

This stress is terrible. Terrified.

At Kansai and on

Arrived at Kansai International after a pretty good but long flight. Spent the night at Izumi San and now back to the airport for our Sapporo flight.