Osaka for sushi

Arrived in Osaka after a pretty smooth and comfortable flight. B and Alex went straight to the sushi restaurant. Me, I can’t eat due to the medicine.

Boarding soon to Osaka

Almost time to board our Jetstar 787-8 from Cairns to Osaka. Watching the Narita flight flying off. Hope the skies are smooth for all.

The wait at the gate

Almost time to board the flight.

I woke a couple of minutes before the alarm. Alex disturbed me in the night.

From point to point

Done it! Arrived in Sydney after some great views of Victoria, snow on the Alps, and more Canberra. Even flew over one of my workplaces. Few bumps and I’m glad to be back. Tension over for now.

Made it to Melbourne

Arrived in Melbourne after a pretty smooth flight, though I still hate the descent into Tullamarine. Hope the return is as good or better.


The skies, they are totally clear
But then, so is my fear
I feel a breeze
An evil tease
In my head, screams do I hear.

That hole deep in my gut
The eyes that are tightly shut
A horrible nightmare
That only I care
Others think I’m just a nut.

The silver that I am off to seek
Is only a sign I am weak
Flying in error
Feeling the terror
Counting myself among the meek.

Trying to be brave enough to fly
I’m scared and I don’t know why
What lies ahead
Are lies in my head
I just want to curl up and cry.

Back from Osaka

The holiday is done. All back home now, including doggy. Quite a bumpy flight until we were off the coast of Australia. Saw meteors, other aircraft, a green laser over PNG and watched “The Abyss”. Lots of rain clouds over Sydney, though the threatened bumps didn’t really eventuate.

Need a shower, sleep and food now.