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Category: China Japan 2010

  • CJ2010: Travels with the toddler

    Prior to this last trip I had been very nervous about the difficulties of travelling with a toddler. On a previous flight to Japan there was one little child who raced up and down the aisle, even during descent, and then caused havoc for his parents at the immigration queue. Was that going to be… Read more

  • Some statistics

    While copying the photos from this trip to my networked share drive I discovered that we had, between us, taken almost 6000 photos at over 22 gigabytes of data and written around 18,000 words in the blog. Read more

  • Lounging home from Tokyo

    As I watch the aircraft fly down along the valley on descent into the airport I find it difficult to convince myself that the holiday has come to an end. But it has. A pile of dried millipedes greeted us at the front doorstep when we arrived home. The dog did his business on the… Read more

  • From fashion to fandom

    Every time it is the same. I sit here late on the final night gazing out of the window at the neon cacophony that is Shinjuku, listening to the last of the trains passing through, sad, not wanting to leave. It is long after midnight, but still there is life on the streets, less now,… Read more

  • A haircut and a trip to the zoo

    Rocky, who had spent a year on a working holiday in Sydney at Shinka in The Galleries Victoria, wondered why it was so uncommon for Australian men to become hairdressers, unlike in Japan. We explained that Australia’s most famous hairdressers are male, but that Australian men tend to pay less attention to hair than their… Read more

  • From shrimp to Shinjuku

    Asia wakes late and stays up later. We made breakfast at the hotel this morning, but many shops were yet to open by the time we checked out. Wandering the streets of downtown Kyoto we went in search of gifts and dried foods. The latter we purchased from Nishiki markets which sell everything from fresh… Read more

  • Tea, Sweets and Weary Feet in Kyoto

    The Japanese love France, or at least love the idea of France. I’ve heard that many suffer near fatal culture shock when the actually visit dirty, smelly Paris (must be eau de metro or piss in other words), but there are shops and patisseries scattered around Kyoto and elsewhere in Japan with French names and… Read more

  • Riding the Yak back to Kyoto

    Oh it was good to sleep in! Alex woke up early, then went back to sleep and we barely made the hotel checkout time of ten am. When Alex awoke the second time it was with a “woof” and a cheeky smile as he pretended to be a dog. Then we crossed over to Izumoshi… Read more

  • A long game of Bingo

    When most people think of Japanese railways it is of the high speed Shinkansen trains racing across the countryside. As much as I love the comfort and speed of these engineering wonders, my favourite journeys are on their slower, local cousins as they climb slowly into the mountainous regions of Japan. B has her shopping… Read more

  • Bitch’n and shrine’n

    I’ve really messed up planning this trip. When I went looking for somewhere to stay today everywhere was booked out. I ended up with a double room in the second Toyoko Inn of Okayama as our existing hotel only had smoking rooms available. That was still better than any of the other cities on my… Read more