Can’t wait…

It’s the sound of those jets at high altitude that does it. I woke to the sound this morning and was instantly transported into the aircraft, looking down at the clouds and landscape below.

I can’t wait for our next trip to begin, though it is two and a half months away. We booked our hotel in Kuala Lumpur for four nights. Then what? We are thinking of Bangkok. It’s sounds fascinating and exciting, though not an easy relaxing city. The other idea we were thinking of was staying in a beachside resort at Penang. B was born there and her family had holidays there as well. I was not particularly impressed when I visited, although the walk up to Kek Lok Si temple was fun, if sweat-inducing. Still, a real resort holiday would be nice as we haven’t had a real relaxing holiday in years, and the prices are quite decent.

An episode of Jetstar’s Going Places documentary was screening today. It featured Osaka and the scenes were instantly recognisable to me. They were up at the top of Osaka Castle on a wet day: the scenes looked just like our photos! I would love to go back to Japan right now. I miss it a lot.

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