Another ride on the Newington Armory Heritage Train

It’s school holidays, which means more time for doing fun things. Back in 2014 we discovered a gem of a place in Sydney at Blaxland Riverside Park and the Newington Armory. It was time for another visit!

We hired bikes and took a ride around the Armory grounds and along the Parramatta River, stopping by the BirdLife Discovery Centre. A very enthusiastic guide described the nesting habits of a pair of sea eagles that had taken up residence in the trees nearby, video cameras providing a feed to centre screens.

On Sundays the Armory runs heritage train tours on the two foot lines around the old naval armaments facility and, while the other two headed off to the playground, I took another ride on the train.

My previous post had enough detail about the ride. I found the commentary somewhat lacking today and the example of the armaments train was now gone, but it was still a pleasant little ride and I’d love to have a model railway layout of it!