A quick Canberra escape

Our team held its end of year meeting and get together in Canberra this year. To save a bit of money and to ensure that I could make it back in time for Alex’s tennis lesson back in Sydney I drove down. This was the first time I’ve driven such a long distance alone.

On the Monday morning I regretted not flying, for the air was still and the skies perfectly clear. My colleague who flew down still said it was bumpy and the wind picked up later. My issue with driving down in the evening was that I couldn’t take photos of the magnificent sunset.

While in Canberra I stayed at the Pavilion Hotel, which still lacks much character. After the meetings we split into two groups and had some fun at the Expedition Escape Rooms, my first such experience. My inexperienced team failed, though I managed to solve a number of puzzles myself.

I had to leave after lunch on the Wednesday in order to make it back for the tennis, which I did. Whilst the car was convenient, I did miss being able to relax as a passenger.  At least I’ll be more confident contributing to future road trips.

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