Campbelltown change

Had a surprisingly good sleep on the train. Woke a few times, once to see the Moon set and the stars appear in their brilliance. Disappointed that no meteors were to be seen.

Such a nice day that I could have flown, but would not have reached here so early.

Need that change at Revesby for the train to Padstow, then catch a bus home. Then this journey will be over.

Southern Cross to the Plenary

Made it to Melbourne. Walk up Bourke Street to Myer, windows shopped, ate Malaysian and hurried to the Convention Centre to the pre concert talk.

The Empire Strikes Back!

Good morning from the XPT

Running 45 minutes late due to weather and the need to remove someone from the train at Moss Vale. Had a few hours sleep, though it took me a long time to cross the threshold. Interesting skies outside this morning and the beauty of rural Victoria, while eating cornflakes and toast for breakfast.


Setting off for my latest crazy adventure. An overnight train ride to Melbourne, watch a concert, then another overnighter back.

Glad I’m not flying. Too many storms!