Wild Wild Wet

No additional alliteration required for today’s title as it was the name of our destination: Wild Wild Wet water park.

As I bobbed up and down in the wave pool I wondered why this was so pleasant while the waves in the air were the opposite. Thinking again about the next day’s flights.

I challenged myself to face one fear,  joining B and Alex for one ride on the inflatable raft of Ular-lah. I hated the rapid initial descent. I really hate that feeling.

I tried the two Waterworks slides. The first,  an open slide was too slow, as in I almost got stuck a few times. The second was much faster,  but the enclosed black darkness was not fun.

I preferred to drift around Shiok River doing nothing much while Alex and B went up and down on Ular-lah.

Afterwards we tried some local Chinese New Year desserts from McDonald’s,  just because, then walked and caught the MRT to Bedok for a dinner of satay and nasi lemak.

The bus ride back to Katong was fascinating as we passed through expensive streets of mainly older two storey houses in contrast to the new apartment block suburbs of earlier in the day.

Finally,  I discovered that UniQlo sizing in Singapore is different to Australian sizing, with the t-shirts for sale not fitting me,  unlike the UniQlo shirt I was wearing!

A fat man dressed up as a Chinese God of Prosperity walked through Parkway Parade accompanied by a man with a gong.

It was early to bed due to our departure time from the hotel at 4.40 am. Too early,  and I feel tired and sick with worry that this will be a bumpy flight.

More breathing required.

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