Track going off into the distance

Welcome to allrite@

The new journey begins here. I’ve been writing travel blogs for over fifteen years. The routine is usually much of the same. At the end of the day I upload my photos and type maybe a thousands words or more into the computer (or whatever device I’m using), often staying up very late to finish it.

I love keeping a record of my trips and reliving them through my words years later. I write them for myself. That anybody else gets information or pleasure out of reading them is just a bonus.

But the world has changed and we are much more connected now. The world of social media demands less reading and more frequent updates.

So I have created this site, allrite@, as I place where I can publish updates as I go along, from any of my devices. I’ll be adding photos, videos and short observations about the places I am visiting as I visit them. They may be places far away or closer to home. Who knows? I don’t yet.

So come join me on my adventures!