The train to the airport

Trying to cram that last item into the luggage, write that last email to your colleagues of instructions for doing your job while you are away, waiting for the last song to download on to your MP3 player, soaking up every last minute of the city you are in. It’s stressful stuff leaving your home, hotel or office to catch that flight. If you will be traveling to the airport by taxi or car you are probably worried about when your ride will arrive to pick you up or that you will be stuck in the traffic and miss your flight.

That’s the nice thing about trains. The follow a schedule and for the most part they stick to it. You know when you will be departing and when you will arrive. The time in between can be spent relaxing, recovering from the last minute panic.

Probably my favourite train to the airport is the Narita Express (N’EX). We invariably arrive on the platform at Shinjuku Station straining and perspiring from the overloaded bags of goodies that is the consequence of shopping. Then the red, black and white train pulls up and we drag our luggage on board before finally collapsing into the comfortable seats. Then it’s one and a half hours of quietly staring out of the window, relaxing and saying goodbye to Japan, sipping a can of Pocari Sweat.