The road back from Gundagai

Woke up and it looked like we were in The Big Smoke already. Without much ado we simply repacd the car and drove off back along the Hume Highway to Sydney. Kita doesn’t even really fight putting his harness on and is soon fast asleep.

There is little to say about this all too familiar journey. We pass a burned out truck blocking half the road near Sutton Forest, whatever its load was included a lot of glass. The skies are grey and smoky, occasionally spitting rain.

Here and there are signs and roads pointing off at towns and localities. I wonder what’s down those roads, but now is not the time to traverse them. We are going home, to a place our dog knows. No stopping for food or local goods, not until we have left the motorway and reached Padstow, where we have lunch at a local fave.

Then home, as we have left it bar the spiderweb that entangles itself in my hair near the entrance. Tonight a storm, something of a relief from the humid smoky air.

Already I miss the relaxing simplicity of the holiday, regret the work that awaits, look forward to the journeys ahead.