Canberra Light Rail

In Canberra for a couple of days with B and Alex. The weather was miserable this afternoon and everyone was tired, so the other two returned to the hotel. I decided to ride the length of the new Canberra light rail track.

The route may not be the most scenic, but it was very pleasant just to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride between the city centre and Gungahlin, past the offices and parks of Northbourne Avenue, the racetrack and exhibition grounds and then the rows of new apartments.

There is something special about riding the rails, and I’m glad Canberra has got a commuter system at long last.

A Kagoshima tram to nowhere

Arrived exhausted at Kagoshima-Chuo last night. Haven’t been here since Alex was four months old. I found a 24 hour Joyfull Diner near the JR Kyushu hotel where I could eat a cheap and filling supper. Nice machine hot chocolate too. 

This morning I caught a tram just for the heck of it. I chose the wrong direction and couldn’t find anywhere to eat breakfast when I got off. Then I forgot that my train is an hour later so rushed back unnecessarily to Kagoshima-Chuo station. No matter. 

Another long day starting off with a special train…