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  • The Prince of Shinjuku

    The Prince of Shinjuku

    I wasn’t planning on spending more than an hour in Tokyo on this trip, yet here we are again. At our favourite hotel in our favourite area, Shinjuku. The other two are spending an extra day here while I do some extreme training to achieve my goal of the final two compass points of the… Read more

  • Driving cars and the Miraikan

    Our last morning in Japan for this trip and I’m feeling anxious about the flight back. I hate these final days, again wishing that yesterday’s Tokyo Teleport station was true to its name. If the flight home is less bumpy than yesterday’s visit to Odaiba then I will be happy indeed. We were early to… Read more

  • Trams, trains and pedal cars

    Trams once plied the streets of Tokyo, as they did many other cities across the world. Sadly, all that remains today is a single line through mostly obscure northern Tokyo suburbs. Judging by the patronage today it is still a popular option. After reading this article by Gianni Simone I knew I had to ride on the… Read more

  • Flowers and French toast

    As I gaze out at the bright red dots forming an outline of a city skyline at night I am feeling a little melancholy. I love this little room, the amazing views and all those familiar little places around as well as all the unfamiliar nooks and crannies waiting to be discovered. It’s a form… Read more

  • Tokyo Disneyland

    “It’s a small world”, “Mary Poppins” and “Yoda’s Theme.” Yoda’s Theme???  Nooooooooo! A reminder, as we followed the crowd towards the entrance of Tokyo Disneyland, of how Disney now owns my favourite movie franchise. As you can tell, I’m not a huge fan of Disney. Mickey Mouse and friends entertain me only in thinking up… Read more

  • The ups and downs of Chiba monorails

    Ever since I first caught sight of the great overhead monorail tracks above Chiba station, back on that first Narita Express in 2003, I have wanted to ride them. Each subsequent Narita Express ride I promised I would but never did. Today I finally had my chance. We had caught the Chuo-Sobu Line to Koiwa. The… Read more

  • Home


    After one month travelling through China, Hong Kong and Japan on plane, train, cable car, trishaw and whatever else you can imagine we have finally made it home again. It is always nice to return to your own home, a place where everything is familiar. Almost everything is familiar. Where once there was lawn now… Read more

  • Saying goodbye to Japan

    This will probably be the last post from Japan. This afternoon we catch the Narita Express to the airport, a flight to Hong Kong, then straight onwards to Sydney. As I said before, I will miss Japan, miss travelling. But it will also be nice to be home, to see our dog again, to see… Read more

  • A walk in the park

    A walk in the park

    It took until the second last day, but I found it! No, not the singing toilet. Its location is still unknown. I’m talking about Gokuri, Miracle of Grapefruit. This drink sustained me during our first visit to a hot and humid Tokyo. Since then it seems to have disappeared from the vending machines that dot… Read more

  • Snow, Streams and Steam at Hakone

    Snow, Streams and Steam at Hakone

    Each gust of wind covered us in a cloud of rotten-egg gas. The landscape was stony and bare, except for paths of leafless shrubs. Grey water bubbled from steaming vents in the ground. Behind us Mt Fuji loomed large, covered in snow and cloud. We were at Owakudani, a dormant volcano whose collapsed sides had… Read more