To Sasebo – west part 2

Another mission accomplished and wow!

The Nishi-Kyushu Line between Imari and Sasebo is amazing. Coastal and mountain scenery, terraced rice paddies, green tunnels and soaring sea eagles.  I stood the whole time at the front of the train.

While Tabirahiradoguchi is the westernmost regular train station in Japan, Sasebo is the westernmost Japan Rail system station. The Nishi-Kyushu Line was actually part of the Japan Railway network before becoming a “third sector” operation by the Matsuura Railway. 

Anyway, I’ve done both and only the south remains. That means jumping aboard the JR Kyushu local at Sasebo and the a couple more trains to get to Kagoshima tonight. 

All aboard the Matsuura Railway

Changed at Arita to the third sector Matsuura Railway bound for Imari and then the westernmost station of Tabirahiradoguchi.