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  • Universal Studios Japan

    Universal Studios Japan

    From a Japanese film studio yesterday to a Hollywood theme park today. This was our second visit to USJ and we also visited their Singapore sibling earlier this year.  It felt like Singapore. Hot, humid and big tropical clouds threatening in the sky. None of the miserable wet weather of our last visit. I think… Read more

  • Okonomiyaki in Osaka

    Okonomiyaki in Osaka

    Absolutely exhausted after Kyoto. I used our rail passes to jump aboard the all too familiar Haruka express to the airport, though we got off a Shin-Osaka. It was comfortable with a place to sit and I fell asleep for some of the ride.  We then caught the subway to Umeda and went straight to… Read more

  • Zoom zoom to Osaka

    Zoom zoom to Osaka

    As we passed Hiroshima the amusingly named Mazda Zoom Zoom Stadium (for Hiroshima is their home town) was filled to capacity with fans of their beloved Carp baseball team.  More lights at Osaka after I emerged from the subway at Namba, after transferring off the Shinkansen. Dotombori Street and Shinsaibashi Suji were filled with Asian… Read more

  • To get my KIX

    To get my KIX

    My earlier train from Tokyo arrived at Shin-Osaka with enough time for me to drop my luggage off at the hotel and race back to catch my original train to Kansai International Airport. Once I meet B and Alex there we’ll head back.  Speaking of greys earlier, Osaka is a very grey city. The Haruka’s… Read more

  • Snow-saka

    Tiny white flecks dancing through the air, up, down, all around. They land on our jacket, our hair, then disappear. Snow! We laugh with delight at this wonderful sight. When I gazed out of the hotel room this morning was greeted by a view across the South of Osaka. The sky was blue with scattered… Read more

  • Rusty Waters and Terrific Toys

    When demanding to return to Japan Alex insisted on onsens. The Kansai area is not particularly well known for its onsens, but I did find that one of Japan’s most ancient onsens does lie close by at Arima, just over the mountains from Kobe and that it has retained a reputation as a well preserved… Read more

  • The saga is complete

    I think I’ve finally done it. I’ve travelled along all the public lengths of the Sanin line. Didn’t I complete that last trip? No, there was one stretch, an old stretch no longer traversed by normal trains, that remained. And now I’ve ridden along it. The photo that won me the Jetstar voucher that paid… Read more

  • Showers, sharks and shabu shabu

    Kansai International Airport was barely open when we emerged from immigration. All of us felt grimy and smelly from the long flights and humid stops. A land side lounge provided 15 minutes of showers and an hour of shower room use for about $5 a pop. I didn’t know how to use 15 minutes of… Read more