Goodnight at the Hatago Inn

A hot spa is a great way to wash away the travel grime that comes from sitting in planes all day. It cannot remove my weariness though. Good night!

Osaka for sushi

Arrived in Osaka after a pretty smooth and comfortable flight. B and Alex went straight to the sushi restaurant. Me, I can’t eat due to the medicine.

Boarding soon to Osaka

Almost time to board our Jetstar 787-8 from Cairns to Osaka. Watching the Narita flight flying off. Hope the skies are smooth for all.

The wait at the gate

Almost time to board the flight.

I woke a couple of minutes before the alarm. Alex disturbed me in the night.


An Argentinian dinner of grilled lamb and pork for dinner tonight at the hotel restaurant. Really tasty, but even the small serve threatened to overwhelm a stomach still uncertain with antibiotics.