Goodnight Shinjuku

Final night in Tokyo. After Odaiba, clothes shopping in Shinjuku along a well trod path. Tired and sore, but I sort of want to keep out on the town. As well as bury my head under a pillow and not wake until we are back in Australia.

Sadness in Shinjuku

As mentioned in the previous post I feel a profound sense of sadness about being on the tail end of our holiday. There’s a bit of anxiety about the flight home, but it’s more than that.

There is strong feeling of regret that I don’t have the time or opportunity to do all I want. On the Shinkansen ride south I saw all these towns and cities pass us by and I just wanted to get out and explore them.

The same as we rode the train from Omiya to Shinjuku. Local neighbourhood, shops and eateries passed us by and I saw myself wandering through them.

And then there is the rest of Japan. So many places left to see or revisit.

In many ways I’m sad to be back in the big city and wish I were out there discovering the hidden surprises of local Japan. It’s not what the others want and that saddens me too.

I feel I need to return and that means facing the flights and time away from home again. So I feel the sadness of that in anticipation.

Back in Shinjuku

Back in Shinjuku. It feels like home. The hotel room has been renovated since the last visit. Not sure if I like it as much or not. I miss little things. Same sushi as before. Visited the same shops and got a limited edition John Williams soundtrack. B had a haircut.

It’s hit me that we only have 3 nights left. I feel sad.