Slipping along the Silk Road

B’s mother returned today from her two week tour of China’s part of the Silk Road. She had a fantastic time and it is apparent from her photos that they visited some spectacular sights along the way. Places like Jiayuguan, Dunhuang, Tian Chi (Heaven Lake), the Yellow River, Hua Shan and Turpan.

While the only place in common with B’s mother’s last trip to China and our own was Xian I felt pretty familiar with her tour destinations thanks to the large amount of research I did in preparation prior to our trip. Months of attempting to digest everything I could about China. I had hoped to visit some of the same places she did, but unfortunately we just couldn’t make it work out in the time available.

I am still fascinated by the Silk Road, not just in China but also in the adjacent ex-Soviet ‘stans. Unfortunately, they are probably not the kind of places that you could easily take a young child, but later on, who knows? I think that this is one case where I would rather join a group of younger, enthusiastic people rather than try to go it alone.

One thing I am certain of is that I would not like to join B’s mum’s tour. Every night a set dinner with show, karaoke on the coach and posing for photos (and I mean posing). No freedom to do your own thing. She loved it, however. So many photos of the hotels she stayed in and the awards that they had won! This has forced us to take photos of our hotel rooms, but not to the same extremes. Oh well, as long as she enjoyed herself we have no complaints.