Rain, bows

The rainbow stretched across the entrance to Port Phillip Bay, a grand multihued gateway to the mainland.

I did say it was a magical place.

We were on the car ferry from Queenscliff to Sorrento, a forty minute journey across the bay. Rather than drive via on the longer, but faster and cheaper, route via Melbourne we were heading directly East across the water towards our final destination of Lakes Entrance, from one seaside resort town to another.

B and Alex were below in the warm and comfortable main cabin, but I spent most of the trip on the top deck in the freezing winds and spitting rain. The view was worth it. I watched the lighthouses and beacons of Queenscliff recede into the distance, blinking through the grey.

We drove straight out of the boat at Sorrento and on to the road up the Eastern side of the bay. Last time we were here it was Summer, the roads were jammed, the skies were hot and clear and the seas were flat. Now it was cold, wet and the seas churned in the high winds.

The weather got worse as we drove inland, with very heavy showers. Once off the freeway the roads became rougher with water filled rills making driving treacherous.

Despite the miserable weather the rural scenery was pretty with bright green meadows with sheep, cattle and horses beyond tree lined road corridors.

Thankfully the diving rain held off while we ate lunch at Drouin, a large town I’ve never heard of before.

Back on the freeway towards Taralgon, then beyond to Bairnsdale and over the hills to Lakes Entrance. By the time we reached our motel we were utterly sick of driving, though the total travel time was but six hours or so.

While the others rested I walked around the pretty fishing town. The rain mostly stayed away and there was blue in the tumultuous skies. And a rainbow!

Later, we went out for dinner at Ferryman, a small seafood cafe on a pontoon nestled alongside the fishing fleet. Once inside the wind whipped up and the showers returned, the motion making us a little motion sick. The food was good.

Outside, another rainbow!