Outrunning the storm

Another trip to Canberra! Well it is over 6 months since my last flight down there for work and again it was work that called me back. My original intention was to get a lift by car and catch the train back, but a change in meeting times scotched that plan. So last Tuesday it was another day trip by plane.

This time I caught the QantasLink Dash8 Q400 turboprop to Canberra and the 737-400 jet on the way back. The flight to Canberra was wonderfully smooth and scenic. I spotted our house, the Alfords Point bridge duplication, ANSTO site and much more below. I had been told that Lake George held water again, but all I saw was a rather large puddle.

The flight back was much more dramatic. The Bureau of Meteorology had predicted an afternoon storm for Canberra and they were spot on. I watched it approach the city as I was returning to the airport, hoping that I would escape before it struck. Unfortunately, my plane took off directly towards the storm (against the wind, as is normal) and we flew right through the front as we curved our way back towards Sydney.

I was clinging on to my seat willing myself to cope with the bumps and drops. Thankfully I had booked a seat over the wing and I think I did pretty well, especially considering that last flight back from Malaysia. Eventually we escaped the storm and settled back for a far more gentle flight back into Sydney Airport.

I’ve written up a much more detailed account at airliners.net. Photos are also available.

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