Mussel bound

It’s nice to sit on a couch a read a book in the morning. After a breakfast of bacon and eggs we drove down towards Queenscliff in the hope of finding a suitable bicycle hire place.

The e-bike hire service was unavailable due to Alex’s age, so he was disappointed. He consoled himself that it was hot and smoky, so not the best for riding in.

We stopped at Bellarine Adventure Golf for a challenging game of mini-golf.

At Queenscliff we ate pies at the Rolling Pins bakery and ice cream at the Scandinavian Ice Cream shop. An antique shop brought back memories with old trains, video games and cassettes.

The helpful tourist office contacted the same Big4 caravan park we stayed at last visit to organise bike hire.

Both Alex and B slept as I drove around the peninsula to Portarlington, where the beach front was crowded with families swimming, sunbaking and playing water sports.

They woke and we walked the pier, then went hunting for mussels, eventually finding them at Advance Mussel Supplies. I don’t eat molluscs, so we had to stop again for some whiting at another fishmonger.

In that heat we couldn’t afford to hang around, so back to Belmont we drove. Then off alone to get more ingredients for a wonderful dinner of mussels, fish and risoni in a white wine and cream sauce.

Outside the evening sun was as red as those in Sydney, for the smoke haze had returned as the country continues to burn. So we have gone far and nowhere. But at least we are together.